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The following pages are dedicated to a dying machine–the hardware synthesizer. These days, software synths are all the rage, as computers become more powerful and capable of once required dedicated DSPs. But to my ears, most of the soft synths lack the depth and character, not to mention the innovation, of the landmark synths of the hardware era.

While perhaps not intentional, the instruments I have collected cover most of the spectrum of synthesis types from Frequency Modulation to Subtractive Sampled. Amazingly, by covering all the basic forms of synthesized sound creation, I have managed to purge myself of gear lust, at least when it comes to synthesizers.

In these pages, I will attempt to maintain information about the instruments I own. This perhaps as much for my own sake as for anyone else. My biggest worry is that information that was readily available online a few years ago is either gone, or very hard to find. I will attempt to mirror as much as possible to guard against dissappearing sites. In some cases this may be construed as theft or copyright violations. I fully intent to give credit, but I will also happily remove anything that is asked of me. To make such a request, or to point out further links, or material that should be mirrored, please email me at g a @ x y . c x. (Edit out spaces before sending)

Kawai K5000S (Additive)

Yamaha VL1 (Physical Modeling)

Korg Z1 (Physical Modeling)

Nord Modular (Modular Analog Synthesis)

Yamaha TG77 (Frequency Modulation)

Yamaha EX5R (Various)

Kurzweil K2500R (Sample/Subtractive "VAST")

Korg Wavestation A/D (Vector)

EMU E-Synth (Sampler)

Korg MS2000BR (Analog Modeling)

Technics SX-WSA1R (Acoustic Modeling)

Korg Oasys PCI (Various)

Casio FZ10m (Phase Distortion)

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Yamaha TG-33 (Vector)

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Waldorf Blofeld (Wavetable)

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TX802 (FM)

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Kurzweil K2661 (Sample/Subtractive "VAST")

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