Motorcycle Rides 01/2005

This series of photos was taken over a several week period as my father and I rode on short excursions in the general Las Cruces area. The longes of which was a five hour loop up to Hillsboro and back. The first photos are from a ride up a long dead-end road called Corralitos Ranch Road. The road passes the reanch pretty quickly and continues up into the mountains another twenty miles or so. The next few are from the Hillsboro ride. It's absolutely stunning, but the riding was so fun, we didn't take that many pictures. Then a few pictures of the Mesilla Dam area, and the completely dry Rio Grande river. Finally, there are a few more pictures from a second trip up Corralitos Ranch Road. There is some sort of pathological need for bikers to have their photos taken in "action shots." So please forgive the apparent narcissism.
IMG_0118.JPG IMG_0119.JPG IMG_0120.JPG IMG_0121.JPG IMG_0123.JPG IMG_0124.JPG
IMG_0125.JPG IMG_0126.JPG IMG_0127.JPG IMG_0135.JPG IMG_0137.JPG IMG_0138.JPG
IMG_0141.JPG IMG_0143.JPG IMG_0144.JPG IMG_0146.JPG IMG_0148.JPG IMG_0151.JPG
IMG_0153.JPG IMG_0154.JPG IMG_0158.JPG IMG_0159.JPG IMG_0162.JPG IMG_0166.JPG
IMG_0167.JPG IMG_0173.JPG IMG_0174.JPG IMG_0178.JPG IMG_0181.JPG IMG_0187.JPG
IMG_0189.JPG IMG_0190.JPG IMG_0192.JPG IMG_0194.JPG IMG_0196.JPG IMG_0200.JPG
IMG_0201.JPG IMG_0217.JPG IMG_0221.JPG IMG_0239.JPG IMG_0245.JPG IMG_0246.JPG
IMG_0251.JPG IMG_0255.JPG IMG_0258.JPG IMG_0259.JPG IMG_0262.JPG IMG_0264.JPG
IMG_0268.JPG IMG_0269.JPG


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